Your Christmas Survival Kit

Practical ways to avoid Christmas or escape it - for those who have had quite enough yo, ho, ho. is the first practical guide to surviving what is, for many, the most frightening time in the year. It’s a self-help centre for those panicked by Christmas shopping, terrified of invitations to Christmas parties and horrified by the commercialisation of Christmas.

Please help us build this rescue mission to help fellow sufferers like yourself who, until now, have been denied a voice.

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Everything you never wanted to know about Leon Tristram

Leon Tristram is the pseudonym of a well-known British humorist with seven books listed at Amazon under various whimsical names. He became disgusted by Christmas 25 years ago when, having invested a three-figure sum buying thoughtfully chosen gifts for his wife, he found that she had bought the self-same gifts - for him.

Result: both were out of pocket and had to eat meat balls for a month.

Please join him in his mission to put an end to Christmas suffering.

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The 'Say No to Christmas' Credo

Four Pillars of Freedom

1. We respect the right of children and consenting adults to celebrate Christmas, in private.

2. We respect the freedom of those who sincerely enjoy Christmas to enjoy it to the full extent of their ideologies and purses, in private.

3. We assert the right of those who dislike Christmas not to have Christmas thrust upon them, in private or public.

4. We call for an end to the tyranny of Christmas, when imposed by commercial greed, social pressures or mindless habit.

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Contents include...

59 Polite Excuses for Declining Invitations to Christmas Parties

(They also work for any task you don’t want to do!)

25 Christmas Gifts That Cost You Nothing
for those times when you just have to send something

18 Practical Ways to Avoid Christmas Day Altogether
and use your quality time more happily 

In all, 103 tested ways to save your sanity throughout the year

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